I’m Irsyad A. Panjaitan. I live in Medan Indonesia, where I built Parsinta.

There are so many questions where I currently work, from 2016 to 2 February 2022 I have worked in several PTs engaged in Software Agency and Software House.

I also had time to teach offline, but it had been a long time since I left. And starting March 1, 2022, I have decided that I will no longer work anywhere but focus on Parsinta and then seriously make the work, whether it be in the form of writing or video courses.

My current routine has 3 things, making video courses, writing articles, and writing books. And if you want to talk about your current job, or want to talk about coding, and even life. You can directly dm me on twitter, because I myself have lived long enough in the midst of a company that especially operates in the software.

Sorry if you ever dm me on Instagram and maybe the reply might take too long or even no reply. It's just because I'm not really active there. But if you dm me via twitter, hopefully I'll reply right away. Because I'm always online there.