6 Javascript Shorthands You Need to Know

Without shorthand, the code will still work, but if it can be faster, why not. In this article we will discuss 5 javascript shorthands that we often use.


Avoid defining variables one by one like:

const email = user.email;
const name = user.name;
const bio = user.bio;

This can be more easily done with just like:

const { email, name, bio } = user;

It's much easier than using this destruction technique. Okay, here is another example of destruction.

// Long
const hours = time[0];
const minutes = time[1];
const seconds = time[2];

// Short
const [hours, minutes, seconds] = time;

Filter Falsy Values

We can use filter(Boolean) to get only true | false results.

// Long
names.filter((name) => number !== null && number !== undefined);

// Short

Array Includes

Maybe you often use if statements that are too long, making the code messy.

// Long
if (status === 'unpublished' || status === 'preview' || status === 'unlisted') {

// Short
['unpublished', 'preview', 'unlisted'].includes(status);

Optional Chaining

This technique is my favorite technique in using javascript. We can display data without having to worry about the data returning null.

// Long
if (user && user.experiences && user.experiences[i]) {
    experience = user.experiences[i].description;

// Short
experience = user?.experiences?.[i]?.description;

Default Values

Using the nulllish coalescing technique is more powerful than having to create an if statement.

// Long
let name;
if (user === null || user === undefined) {
    name = 'Irsyad';

// Short
const name = user ?? 'Irsyad';

For Loops

There are many ways to loop, but the usual way you do it might be too long.

for (let i = 0; i < arr.length; i++) {
    const item = arr[i];

// Short 1
arr.forEach((item) => {});

// Short 2
for (let item of arr) {

Hopefully, this article will be useful. The point is, if we can code faster, why be slow. I'm Irsyad, see you in the next article.

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