Powerful VSCode Extensions

In this article, we will discuss some powerful extensions in visual studio code.


Prettier is an extension used to format several languages, including JavaScript, TypeScript, Flow, Jsx, Json, Css, Scss, Less, Html, Vue, Angular, Ember, Glimmer GraphQL, Markdown, Yaml and more. You can install the package here.

PHP Class Create

Maybe you often create PHP classes by creating a new file, then create the class or namespace manually, but if there is an easier way why not try using the PHP Create Class extension. And now, you can create trait, enum, class by using this package.

PHP Testing

If you use PHPUnit a lot, then Better PHPUnit is the answer. But if you are a Pest user, then Better Pest is the tool for you.

General Extensions

Here is a list of some extensions that are generally a must-have.

  1. Inline Parameters
  2. advanced-new-file
  3. Auto Rename Tag
  4. DocBlocker
  5. Tailwind CSS IntelliSense

Extensions for PHP Developers

  1. PHP Intelephense
  2. PHP Namespace Resolver
  3. PHP Create Class
  4. Better Pest or Better PHPUnit

Extensions for Laravel Developers

If you are a Laravel developer, then some of the extensions below will be very helpful.

  1. Laravel Extra Intellisense
  2. Laravel Artisan
  3. Laravel Blade Spacer
  4. Laravel Blade Snippets
  5. Laravel Blade Formatter
  6. Better Comments

Extensions for Javascript Developers

  1. Search node_modules
  2. Better Jest

Extensions for React Developers

  1. ES7 React Snippets
  2. VSCode React Refactor
  3. HTML to JSX
  4. Paste HTML as JSX

Extensions for Vue Developers

  1. Vue Language Features
  2. Vetur

Hopefully some of the extensions above can help you in working on future projects or those that are currently being worked on. I am Irsyad, see you soon.

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