Software I use, gadgets I love, and other things I recommend.

I get asked a lot about the things I use to build software, stay productive, or buy to fool myself into thinking I’m being productive when I’m really just procrastinating. Here’s a big list of all of my favorite stuff.


Here I will explain about the tools that I use at work, because I am a teacher at Parsinta, I will also explain everything that happens there.

MacBook Pro M1 (2020)

For now, the Apple M1 Chip (8-Core CPU, 8-Core GPU) with 256GB storage and 8GB RAM is enough for my daily work.

Incidentally because I subscribe to iCloud, so I don't need to buy up to 1 TB. And also it's not a cheap price for now I think.

PodMic Dynamic Broadcast Microphone

In the past year, this is the mic I used when recording video tutorials at Parsinta, plus the Professional Studio Arm which is also from Rode. And to connect my voice so that it can be heard properly, I use Single-Channel Audio Interface.

iPhone 11

You know that the iPhone 14 just came out, but I'm still comfortable with this. And more importantly, all my needs were met and that was more than enough.
And of course I will not be stuck with the words "This is the best iPhone we ever made" ⸺ J/K.

Development tools

I feel this is the most part of all, because I care and are very serious about what I am interested in.


Starting from October 1st, I will renew my license for the next 1 year ($99), because it seems that I really need it. I said update again, because I've previously used it for 1 year from 2019 - 2020. The theme I'm currently using is Carbon.

Visual Studio Code

As of October 1st my main editor is PHPStorm, and going forward I'll probably use it only occasionally. The theme I'm currently using is Parsinta Request.

The font I use

  1. Dank Mono ($24)
  2. Sligoil (Free)


I’m honestly not even sure what features I get with this that aren’t just part of the macOS Terminal but it’s what I use.


Apart from using iTerm. I sometimes use Warp, yes it all depends on the mood too.


This is the most robust tool I've ever used to interface with mysql. But unfortunately, it's not free. So I have to buy it. When I bought it, it was still around $79 and that's what I chose was basic. Because also the device I'm currently using is only one.

Laravel Forge

I'm too lazy to mess around with the server, so I'm thinking of just subscribing to Laravel Forge. I took the "Hobby" package for now which was $12/mo, previously I used "Growth" which was $19/mo, but I think it's useless for now, so I downgrade.

Fathom Analytics

To see what's happening on all the websites I have, I use Fathom analytics. $140 / year I think is better than nothing.

Amazon S3

I won't talk much about this issue, because I only use it as storage for my website.


For creating thumbnail series or open graph images, Figma is the tool I use and the only one. Previously I used Sketch, but you know it's not free. But Figma do.


Since I'm not a good graphic designer, I think I need this software


For work I use Firefox, and if I just want to browse, I choose Safari.


I feel this is the most part of all, because I care and are very serious about what I am interested in.


Long time with Alfred, but since I know how amazing Raycast is, I feel very stupid if I don't use this tool.


I know there are better tools than this, but you know, I'm comfortable with this. so it's hard for me to move.


Apart from making video tutorials, I also write books. So I need an application that supports the name Markdown. So typeora is my choice for now. It's not free, when I bought it it was still around $15.


I know, every computer must have a built-in screenshot, but I think xnapper makes my work more productive by not opening Figma every time I want to post everywhere.


I know there are a lot of password managers, but I only stick with 1 password and it's been 3 years. Because now there are lots of websites or applications that offer what is called two-factor authentication. So I think using 1password is easier to not download other applications.

DaVinci Resolved

I use this tool to edit all the videos in Parsinta. Previously I did use screensflow, obs, and until I realized that D/R was more powerful.

For now, that's all I wear and I have. Maybe I'll update this if I use something else.

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